Language acquisition through translation

If there’s one thing I’ve been doing more often in my language studies (French, Greek) it’s translations. And many translations. What I do is I take my source material- whether it’s audio, text,… Continue reading

Modern Greek beginner exercises

Writing out some transcripts from Michel Thomas Greek course and also doing some verb conjugation of my own.

Greek voyage begins…

Wow… I miss this blog. My wrist is better now and any complications have faded away thanks to a strict regimen involving no computer, no typing, and having to wear a wrist splint… Continue reading

TY French, we meet again

I’m currently working with Teach Yourself, again, on chapter 8 now.                               And using a mini notebook for my… Continue reading

Nouveaux exercices de français 1

L’aéroport est très loin d’ici. Il y a beaucoup d’avions ici. Il n’y a pas beaucoup d’avions là parce que tous les avions sont ici. Elles travaillent dans l’aéroport. Quand elles veulent aller… Continue reading

A&U: Portable exercises

Best thing abou the A&U exercises; I can do them on the dry- erase board, or if I’m not home or if I feel like studying French at the kitchen table, I can… Continue reading

Languages and why a lot of people quit before they even start

A lot of people say they’d love to learn a new language, that they will learn a new language. And the sad thing is that most of these people quit before they even… Continue reading

les bonnes choses d’aujourd’hui

aujourd’hui: matin: je vais au bahut pour le dernier jour de la semaine. aujourd’hui je me couche habituellement envers douze heures parce que c’est vendredi est je n’ai pas du bahut demain. après-midi:… Continue reading

Activate your learning

Don’t just work through a course-book. Don’t just read the dialogues and say you ‘think’ you understand the grammar or new vocabulary. Activate your learning: through your own sentences and through your own… Continue reading

Language learning and commercialization

Companies will commercialize their products to appeal to new trends and new insights. Sadly, this commercialization is most evident in the language learning companies, publications, and courses of today. There is less content… Continue reading